At Fishgator, I'm trying to build a full resource for those looking to engage with and join the local kayak fishing community. These could be folks that live here, or are looking to travel here on vacation. That's why I'm creating this directory to support anyone with a South Florida kayak fishing business.

If you have a business that caters to this vertical, you are free to add your name to the directory. At present, there is no charge for this.  And there will always be a free option with all the bells and whistles you currently get. We may add more premium features in the future if the directory does well, and we feel there's a benefit to our directory members. Here's some requirements.


Requirements to Add your South Florida Kayak Fishing Business

1.) Your business must directly cater to the sport of kayak fishing. If you have a look at the categories, you'll get a pretty good feel for whether or not you belong in the directory.

2.) Your business must be LOCATED IN or provide TRIPS TO Monroe, Miami-Dade, Collier, Broward, Lee, Hendry, Palm Beach or Glades counties.

3.) If you are a guide, you MUST be LICENSED.

4.) If you are a bait and tackle shop, it's ok to add yourself, but please make clear in your description whether or not you actually sell fishing kayaks.

We reserve the right to delete or modify any listing that doesn't meet the requirements.  Thanks!

Benefits of Adding Your Business

1.) Visibility on our site. I'm going to blog a lot, post relevant news, and keep the site high in the search engines once we get rolling in January 2018. So we WILL have targeted traffic.

2.) Links in our Directory are beneficial for your own website's visibility in Google and Bing. If you know a little bit about SEO, you may understand the difference between Follow and No Follow links. Since we are going to review every submission, we're comfortable that the directory will be filled with valuable, legitimate businesses, so we are using FOLLOW links.  That's good for you.

3.) I can learn about you.  Hey, I fish and spend money too. I'd love to learn about businesses I haven't heard of before so I can use and recommend them.

South Florida Kayak Fishing Business
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